I’m Haunani.  Licensed Acupuncturist, experienced yoga teacher and yoga lifestyle ambassador, Oriental Medicine expert, and human anatomy geek.  I love to write, laugh, try new things, spend time in nature, travel, and be wow’d by life.

I love life.  I love people.  I love the human body and its potential.  I didn’t always love it. With some dark years splashed here and there (which was the fuel for the paths I’ve taken in life),  overall, you’d call me a very optimistic, inspiring, fun, down to earth, and passionate woman on-the-go.  Literally, we move every 2-3 years.

I’ve worked with people promoting better health and wellness since 1998.  I even spent six years of my life dedicated to completing a post-graduate degree in Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM).  I’ve dedicated my life to uplifting myself and the world around me, to being a bridge builder for people, cultures, and ideas, to inspire, educate, and empower people who really want to make a difference in their life, their families, or the world while having a lot of fun along the way.

The more I’ve worked with people in achieving their health and wellness goals, the more I hear the same excuse for prioritizing their health goals low on the list, “I’m busy.”


I agree.

We all are. We are busy people needing motivation and accessible, easy-to-follow guidelines from someone with extensive training, experience, and passion.  That’s me…Alooooha!

My own lifestyle is all about change, adapting, and never knowing what comes next.  My husband is an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps [insert gasps of surprise] (Life is full of surprises people!) and we move every two to three years.  My time teaching at a physical studio or working in an Acupuncture clinic is short-lived because we are traveling so much and living a “structured gypsy” life as I call it.  While most people would be terrified of that much change and uncertainty, it truly is incredible!  Rather than give up all my dreams of working with amazing people around the globe (like YOU), I want to take all of you with me.  That’s why I’ve created this blog and my YouTube channel Yoga with Haunani.  Check it out now and subscribe!

It’s hard to share so much in one class, workshop, or session.  I’ve learned, studied, buried myself into modern textbooks and ancient textbooks on health and wellbeing from all over the planet.  I’ve sat in sweat lodges, chanted with monks, meditated all over the world with different teachers and spiritual traditions.  I’ve received blessings from First Nation elders and Chiefs, Kenyan elders, Buddhist monks, Muslim leaders, Hawaiian Kahuna, medicine men and women from all over the globe.  I’ve tried and lived by almost every diet out there, fasted, cleansed and detoxed.   I chose to study and dive deep into Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda after spending my life preparing for medical school and gave up the American Dream at age 24 to find my own dream, the one I’m now living.  And through it all, I have continued a steady yoga practice.  Yoga became my way of life.  I didn’t end up in a yoga ashram in the Himalayas as I thought I might.  Instead, I married a US Marine Corps Officer, had two children, and now get to share everything I’ve embodied with you.

I meet amazing people, like YOU, along the way, many who want to stay in touch. Breathe. Connect. Be. and Yoga with Haunani are just that—a community of people who want to stay in touch, broaden their horizons, live mindfully or begin to live more mindfully, and want easy-to-follow guidelines on holistic health and wellness.  It’s my goal to get as much as I can online—tips, a-ha moments, how to’s, who’s who, what life’s like in foreign lands—all with a few simple goals: to educate, inspire, and empower you to uncover and rediscover your highest potential in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. While that may seem lofty or altruistic to some, to me, it’s simple. Breathe.  Connect.  Be.  I invite you to stay tuned, follow my blog, subscribe to my YouTube channel, ask questions, engage in discussions, and remember to live life rather than fear it.

Create a day you love,


Note to the reader: There is some swearing in my blogs. Words are words, some with more emotion and meaning than others.  I know some people in the yoga and some religious communities may scoff at this, so please scoff away.  Swearing used to make me mad too.  Then I realized God wouldn’t love me less or judge me for using words that I truly felt.  Life is meant to be experienced and lived, all of it, including the discomfort and challenge of living with others who have different perspectives, languages, and beliefs.  If it really bothers you, please do not read this blog or choose to use your feelings around swearing as a teacher and learning opportunity.  Blessings.