Living in Bahrain, part 1

I'm titling this blog "part 1" because I'm sure in the next two years I will have so much more to add. ¬†Having only been in the country for 2 months and really living among the people for three and a half¬†weeks (but feels like a year already) gives me lots of room for discovery, … Continue reading Living in Bahrain, part 1

My wish for the World

In yoga, the personal practices toward uncovering one's true nature, self inquiry (svadhyaya) is a very powerful tool for releasing anything that disturbs the mind, especially feelings of fear, frustration, worry, jealousy, hate, and attachment to name a few. The practice of self inquiry and self reflection have been very powerful tools in my own life and have played a major role in my own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.