Breatheverb  [‘brēth] 1. live.  2. to take in air.  3. to emit an aura.  4. to pause and rest before continuing.  5. to feel free of restraint.  6. to develop flavor.  7. to give rest from exertion.  8. to inhale and exhale.  9. to make manifest.

Breathe.   It’s the first thing we do when we come out of the womb.  It’s the last thing we do before we pass on.  Breath is Life.  Your breath is a direct reflection of your life.

Breathe.  What does your breath say about you?  To emit an aura as a radiant being who is deeply connected with your breath and the breath of others?  To take in air as an unconscious process?  To feel free of restraint and living your life with passion, purpose and freedom?  Or maybe you breathe to make manifest a life that is vibrant, connected, balanced and authentically you?

Breathe.  It’s where all things begin and all things end.  It’s your choice.  Are you ready to breathe?


One thought on “Breathe.

  1. BodyMindHeartSpirit says:

    I love how you defined each word. Breathe resonates with me. My breath is a good indicator of how my body is feeling. I take 5 minutes each morning just to mindfully breathe.

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