Beverb  [‘bē]  1. to equal in meaning.  2. to have identity with.  3. to have an objective existence.  4. to remain undisturbed.

Be.   Be what, you ask?  The answer: YOU!  To remove the could haves, would haves and should haves and find acceptance, forgiveness and the seed of life that is authentically YOU so you can let go and just be.

Be.  To redefine “Self Centered,” not as a negative adjective but a beautiful way of being.  Have you considered if the person you are today is truly the most authentic expression of you or is someone else’s projection of who they wanted you to become?  Can you look at yourself in the mirror and smile at who you are and who you are becoming?  Is the world defined by your reactions to situations or situations defined by your perception?  Is your mind at ease?

Be.  It’s when you live your life full of breath and authentically as an expression of your highest connection with All.  It’s your choice.  Are you ready to be?


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