Asian Medicine Wisdom for Late Summer

It is acknowledged as its own distinct time of the year and has dramatic impacts on our health if we are not mindful or aware of how it may affect our overall health. “Late Summer” is known for the final days of summer when the temperatures are typically very hot, humidity increases but there may be a day or two of surprising cooler temperatures, as Autumn approaches. This time of the year is all about building reserves...

Vata Dosha

You might be a Vata if variability and change are your nature. Everything from your digestion, appetite to sleep patterns is always changing.  Vata people talk a lot, walk a lot, and complain a lot.  They use their hands a lot when they talk as if they were talking with their hands.  They are good … Continue reading Vata Dosha

Pitta Dosha

You might be a Pitta if your main personality characteristic is sharpness.  Pitta people are good speakers, speaking to the point (no beating around the bush).  They are very precise, goal seeking, orderly and tidy.  Pitta people are list makers; they can’t do anything unless planned or they have a clear understanding or vision.  Pitta’s … Continue reading Pitta Dosha

Kapha Dosha

You might be a Kapha if soft and stable are your main personality characteristics.  Kapha people are grounded individuals and help to ground others.  By nature, they are the peacemakers of the world with their nurturing ways, loving attitudes, and sweet looks. They want everybody to be happy.   Kapha types tend to be shy or soft-spoken … Continue reading Kapha Dosha