First 30 days in Okinawa, Japan

Konichiwa!  Hello!   Aloha! Today officially marks our first month, or first 30 days, in Okinawa and the 2-month mark of moving out of our house in Bahrain.  A LOT happens in 2 months when you're relocating to the opposite side of the globe.  A LOT. I'm very happy to share that I'm typing this blog … Continue reading First 30 days in Okinawa, Japan

Even bees get “Bahrained”

In addition to #bahrained there are also the regularly used #bahrainproblems and #inshallahtiming.  Let me use my week to shed light on insiders' terms and give you a glimpse of what life can be like living in Bahrain.  Note to reader: I did not make up any of this.

The Drakes do Oman, Oct 6-9 2017

Part of my initial shock and excitement of learning we were moving to Bahrain was flooded with memories of Oman.  It felt like the experiences of my past were surely being connected to the present.  I mean really, who goes to Oman on Spring Break? And then who moves to another Middle Eastern country 16 years later?  Clearly my past was preparing me for my future as a globe trotting military spouse.

Ever receive a bird as a party favor? We just did.

I consider myself rather imaginative. I can come up with really crazy stories, out there ideas and hypotheses. I’m a “free thinker” in so many ways. But never, ever, ever, EVER in a million years had I ever considered that people gave away birds as party favors, let alone be on the receiving end of this unimaginable concept. But it happened. Oh yes, it happened. And it happened to me last night.

Dubai family weekend

And despite the germaphobe in me totally freaking out as Trace drug is lovie across the Bahrain and Dubai airports, flying with the kids was really fun. We learned that traveling with two toddlers comes with its perks, especially if they are crying...