Connectverb [kə-ˈnekt] 1. to become joined.  2. to transfer.  3. to have or establish rapport.  4. to place or establish a relationship.  5. to establish a communication

Connect.   It’s what we instinctually do as humans.  Connect.  With knowledge.  Other people.  Lovers.  Parents.  Books.  Nature.  Activities.  Something Higher.  What do you connect with on a daily basis?

Connect.  Lack of connection is considered to be one of the leading causes of our personal, and thus social, suffering in our modern day technological lifestyles.  Yes, we can connect faster and quicker than ever before via our digital gadgets, but how often does that translate into a real healthy, non-stressful and mindful person-to-person connection with another?  Do you connect with yourself daily in a way that brings inner peace, awareness and radiance to your life?  How often do you enjoy and honor Nature, the very essence of our deepest connection with each other?

Connect.  It’s why all things begin and all things end.  It’s a choice.  Are you ready to connect?

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