Breathe.  Connect.  Be. came to me during a meditation.  So much for really stilling the mind, right?!  Haha.  That’s typically how my “meditations” go. Nonetheless, here it is Breathe.  Connect.  Be.  A blog dedicated to uplifting you to your highest potential through education, inspiration, humor, honesty, and passion.

What you’ll find are articles, videos, photos, how to’s, and links on the topics of Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, holistic living, holistic health and wellness solutions for all ages, Feng Shui, meditation, motivation, Integrated Medicine, and real-life experiences.

Who is Breathe.  Connect.  Be. for?  Primarily YOU!  It’s no coincidence you found this page or this page found you–a matter of perspective or belief.  However, if you found something helpful, heartful, wise or just plain unbelievable or insane, PLEASE SHARE IT!  Add it to your Facebook, Twitter, blog, next group email or even as a gift to someone.

Specifically, you may have been drawn here for one of the following reasons because:

  • you feel a deep calling to change something in their life.
  • you are sick or have been diagnosed with a disease or illness and is looking for another option.
  • you are looking for a like-minded community or connection to others who also appreciate a holistic way of life.
  • you need a laugh…or a cry.
  • you are a yoga teacher and want to learn more.
  • you are an editor and want to republish something on this blog.
  • you are passionate about humanity.
  • you love life.
  • a friend recommended this blog site to you…you should read more and figure out why.
  • you need inspiration for your own blog, clinic or work.
  • you are searching…again, it’s no coincidence you found this blog.

Regardless of why you are here, my intention is to share my authentic self and experiences with you.

During a very soul-seeking time in my life, I read a quote from Mohandas Gandhi which read, “My life is my message.” My perspective on life changed forever.  From that day forward, I dedicated my life to uncovering, discovering, learning and living a life that was in alignment with what I valued in myself, others, the Earth, and eventually the presence of something higher than myself.  I decided I wanted to live a life that served others and created positive, mindful and well-intentioned footprints on this World.  From my young confident 20’s-thought-she-had-it-all as the Restaurant manager of a fine dining restaurant, to the yogi who lived in the jungle, to the weak and out of balance shaved-head girl who preferred to sleep on the ground, to the strong and energetic business professional, and now wife of a United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer with two kids, I’m living a life that is dedicated to respecting and loving each person as a WHOLE AMAZING BEING (body, mind and spirit) that is an integral, and much needed unique gift to this World.

Each one of us is here with unique and varied paths and journeys.  It’s not for me to make everyone choose the path I did or even pretend I know what someone else’s path is.  What I have discovered along my own path are tools and little gems that have turned my suffering into freedom, frustration into love, abuse into forgiveness, and confusion into clarity.  To not share these gems and tools would be selfish.  So that’s what I’m here to do, share all these wonderful and very applicable holistic health tips and how to’s with you so you, too, can truly be YOU, because let’s be honest, no one else does it better.

[raising your glass, mug, joint, or whatever you celebrate with]

Here’s to reducing suffering in the world by truly being unapologetically YOU, loving unconditionally, and having a lot of fun along the way.

From my heart to yours,

Aloha & Namaste