Ever receive a bird as a party favor? We just did.

I consider myself rather imaginative. I can come up with really crazy stories, out there ideas and hypotheses. I’m a “free thinker” in so many ways. But never, ever, ever, EVER in a million years had I ever considered that people gave away birds as party favors, let alone be on the receiving end of this unimaginable concept. But it happened. Oh yes, it happened. And it happened to me last night.

First 30 days in Bahrain

Booom! Just like that, we've been here for 30 days.  So here is what I've learned. Time flies. Duh, we've all heard this. Let's get to something better. Moving on. You pronounce the H in Bahrain. It's a small guttural sound. Ba-hrain. Tall ceiling houses are awesome and why don't we do that in States?  … Continue reading First 30 days in Bahrain