The transition to Bahrain

The most common question I keep getting asked is, “How was the move? How is it? What is it like?” The answers to these questions are not so straightforward. The short answer is, “it’s good, same same but different,” a phrase often heard when traveling abroad. The more truthful answer is...


First 30 days in Bahrain

Booom! Just like that, we've been here for 30 days.  So here is what I've learned. Time flies. Duh, we've all heard this. Let's get to something better. Moving on. You pronounce the H in Bahrain. It's a small guttural sound. Ba-hrain. Tall ceiling houses are awesome and why don't we do that in States?  … Continue reading First 30 days in Bahrain

Asian Medicine Wisdom for Late Summer

It is acknowledged as its own distinct time of the year and has dramatic impacts on our health if we are not mindful or aware of how it may affect our overall health. “Late Summer” is known for the final days of summer when the temperatures are typically very hot, humidity increases but there may be a day or two of surprising cooler temperatures, as Autumn approaches. This time of the year is all about building reserves...